Reduction Adapters

Expansion Adapters

Multiple Adapters, with Two Necks Parallel

Multiple Adapters, with Two Necks one Vertical and one at 45

Swan Neck Adapters

Receiver Delivery Adapters Short Stem

Receiver Delivery Adapters Long Stem

Receiver Adapters Straight

Receiver Adapters Bend with Vent

Receiver Adapters, Bend, with Vacuum connection

Receiver Adapters, Inclined at an Angle 105

Receiver Adapters, With Multiple connection

Receiver Adapters Plain Bend

Recovery Bend Sloping

Receiver Bend Vertical

Still Head Plain with Thermometer Socket

Claisen Heads, Sloping With 2xB14 Socket

Splash Heads Vertical

Splash Heads Pear shape Vertical

Splash Heads Pear Shape Sloping

Steam Distillation Heads Sloping

Adapter cone to Rubber Tubing

Adapter Socket

Adapter Cone to Rubber Tube

Adapter Cone with stem to Rubber Tubing

Adapter Sockets to Rubber Tubing

Adapters Socket to cone with Tee Connection

U Tube with two sockets

Drying Tube

Thermometer Pocket

Air Leak Tube Gas Inlet Tube

Simple Glands with cap

Pycnometers to Gay Lussac

Mac-Cartney Bottles