OT Equipment

NS 2551 Vertical High Pressure Steam Sterilizer Autoclave

Auto Clave Portable single double drum

NS 2552 Aerosol Disinfector

NS 2501 Seamless Dressing Drum SS

NS 2502 Instrument Sterilizer Electric SS

NS 2508 Basin SS

NS 2505 Kidney Tray SS

Instrument Tray SS

NS 2504 Catheter Tray SS

NS 1072 Univac 0.50H.P Suction Apparatus

NS 9B Pedal Suction Appartus

NS 1071 Univac 0.25H.P Suction Apparatus

NS 812 Hand held Suction 250ml Capacity

NS-Univac ll AC-DC-Foot operated Suction

NS-983 Univac Mini suction Apparatus

NS 1057 Medicine Trolley with 4 Drawer Approx. Size

NS 939 Emergency Trolley (ABS)

NS-40D Case History Trolley

NS-40D Case History Trolley Small

NS 940 Medicine Trolly (Cassette Type)

NS - 805 Utility Trolley (Two shelves)

NS - 971 X-Ray View Box

NS -1029 Foot Step (Single Step)

NS-1048 Soiled linen Trolley with Canvas Bag

NS - 1025 Dressing Trolley

NS - 976 Instrument Trolley (Two Shelves)

NS-1067 Soiled linen Trolley with Plastic Bucket

NS 1014 Laproscopic Trolley

NS 938 Anesthesia Trolley (ABS)

NS - 956 O.T. Mayo's Table

O.T. Mayo's Instrument Trolley with S.S. Tray

NS 1030 Foot Step (Double Step)

NS-1006 OT Instrument Mayo’s Trolley over the OT Table (Mechanically)