Tablet Dissolution Test Apparatus


  • Extremely Useful for Pharmaceutical Labs.
  • Highly Accurate and Easy to Operate.
  • High Stirrer Speed Accuracy.
  • Accurate Temperture Control.
  • μP Based Stirrer Speed Control.

With built-in stirrer determines % age dissolution of active drug ingredients in tablets and capsules. Range 25-200 RPM, resolution 1 RPM and accuracy 1 RPM. It is supplied with unbreakable acrylic tank, stainless steel paddle and wire mesh basket.

Tablet Dissolution Test Apparatus Model SI-912 is an instrument for the determination of active drug ingredient in any pharmaceutical formulation - tablet or capsule as per USP, BP and IP specifications. This apparatus evaluates adequate bio-availability and provides necessary information to formulate in the development of therapeutically optimum dosage forms. This dissolution testing device plays an important role in product development, quality control and research.

Single Test Dissolution Apparatus consists of constant temperature, acrylic water-bath in which dissolution vessel is placed. Dissolution medium specific for the tablet/capsule formulation is added into this dissolution vessel. Tablets or Capsules are introduced in the vessel. The stirrer speed is accurately controlled and maintained at ± 1 RPM by microprocessor based speed controller and the temperature of the water-bath is accurately maintained at ± 1 °C by a very sensitive thermostat.

The micro controller, elegant design and advanced features make this instrument sateof- the-art Dissolution Testing Apparatus. The analysis is performed as directed in the individual monograph.

Technical Specifications:

Speed: 25-200 RPM ± 1 RPM

Resolution: 1 RPM

Accuracy: ±1 RPM

Depth Adjustment: 25 to 40 mm

Temp. Range: 10-50°C

Temp. Accuracy: ±1°C

Temp. Control: Thermostat 0-85°C

Reaction Vessel: 1000ml jar with stirrer pedal and Basket

Heater: 1 KW

Power: 230 ±10% VAC, 50Hz.

Dimensions: 330x300x660 mm (Approx.)

Weight: 9 Kg. (Approx.)

  • Main unit with acrylic tank and rectangular cover plate.
  • Reaction Vessel - capacity 1000 ml
  • Round acrylic cover plate with hole and a large slit.
  • Stirrer motor with tightening knob
  • S.S paddle, stirrer shaft with clamp, stainless steel wire mesh.
  • basket, glass thermometer, S.S support rod fitted with acrylic block.
  • Instruction Manual.