Pensky Martens Apparatus

As per IP 34 ASTM 93 – 58T & ISI 1448 (PI) 1960 & 1209 – 1953 Method 8
This method is intended for the determination of the open flash point and fire point of petroleum products except when the clean and open cup is specified.
The Apparatus consists of brass test cup with handle removable cover, with spring operated rotating shutter for smooth operation, having a pilot jet, stirrer with flexible shaft, the assembly rest in air bath which is covered with umbrella shaped S.S. Steel top. The cup if fitted with insulated handle and locking arrangement near cup flange. The assembly rests on a round shaped heater with different temperature regulation systems, Suitable for operation on 220 V AC.

  • T – 8016 Electrically heated with energy regulator control.
  • T – 8017 Electrically heated built in energy regulator, concealed hot plate.