Corporate Social Responsibility

Scientific International   “Corporate Social Responsibility"

At Scientific International, "giving back to society is not a venture, assignment or achievement, it's a mindset". We believe that writing cheque to any social society does not constitute towards our social responsibilities. This investment has to be of "Intent, Ability and Time", and that is precisely what we try to achieve. Our team members are encourage to volunteer time to deserving initiatives, both in their individual as well as corporate capacity.

To give back to society from the earnings of Scientific International, we have initiated a strategy to maximize its effects. True satisfaction and meaning in life comes from being able to effect a positive change in a state of affairs that one feel passionately about, be it the welfare of a group of people, animals, nature, the countryside, forests, seas or this planet, overall global warming, education, laws on domestic violence. We constantly think about community, child protective services, clean drinking water, Healthcare, Medicine, the elderly who feel afraid to go out at night or are lonely, homeless animals, the planet--anything which stirs your passions and emotions.

We work in tandem with some of the leading global societies, hand in hand, with our common belief and vision to share back.

We, at Scientific International, take our responsibility very sincerely.